nedelja, 02. september 2012

Restaurant Skaručna

On a Sunday rainy afternoon we decided to go for a late lunch or dinner to famous restaurant Skaručna. The care for their guests' well-being involves the basic things, those which are served on plates and in glasses, as well as the less incidental things, such as a pleasant, enjoyable atmosphere, friendly service and lively music. The harmonies to help even the largest mouthful go down smoothly were once provided by the thunderous tenor of the elder Žagar, a former boxer known in his fighting days as Pulinoga or Pullfoot. Today, guests are treated to evergreen melodies supplied by Slavko Junior, whose extensive vinyl collection features a number of rare and unusual albums.
When it comes to basic things, there is nothing to worry about – the dishes are always seasonal and based on the Slovenian inn-keeping tradition. The chef prepares them from carefully selected ingredients brought in to the Skaručna kitchen from farmers’ granaries and silos, from the cool store of the nearby hunting society and from the surrounding fields and forests. Skaručna would not be the same without the odd assortment of objects decorating the inn and the garden; it is highly unlikely that you will leave without hearing bouts of infectious laughter from behind the bar or without someone bringing you a serving board heaving with food and a giant knife to attack it with. But there’s more. If you believe that there is no decent barbeque and grilling to be found north of the Istrian peninsula; if you are saddened by the lack of cured, expertly treated meat; if you are used to game with the texture and consistency of a shoe sole; and if you believe that ox meat should only be served at fêtes – it is high time for you to update your experience database. The Žagar family of course also serves shorter, business lunches with fewer courses, but you won't get the full experience unless you take your time and treat yourself to a whole afternoon or evening of excellent food. The fact is that it is best to visit Skaručna on an empty stomach and spend the following day fasting and praying. We recommend that you come on foot or by taxi. And don't forget to bring a sponsor!:)

Like you can see on the photos I had a fantastic time:) I recommend a visit at least once a year:) Amazing food, wines, people...

I was wearing:

Blouse H&M
Ring YSL
Nail polich CHANEL (blue boy)
Jeans H&M
Sunglasses VINTAGE

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