sreda, 21. avgust 2013

Black and white

A combination which is always in. Black and white:) I have styled black lace shorts with a white lace dress which is a little bit short because I still did not lose some baby weight:). Shorts has solved this problem very quickly and  made this outfit very unique. 

Love, Ana Xoxo

Lace shorts and dress H&M
Flats DUNE
Sunglasses PRADA

sreda, 14. avgust 2013

Converse...yes I have it too:)

For long time after I gave birth I was looking for cute sneakers. I did not find I decided to buy a converse. Very late I know...and white also...but I did not want to have the same one like everybody else so I bought the distress one. And I LOOOVE IT!

You have a beautiful day!!!

Love, Ana XOXO

I am wearing:
CONVERSE in distress version
Shorts and T-shirt H&M
Sunglasses PRADA

torek, 13. avgust 2013

Top 5 shoes every stylish mum must have!:)

1. Ballerinas (CAFE NOIR)
2. Flat sandals (DUNE)
3. Converse (limited edition the distress one)
4. Wedges (ASOS)
5. Flip flops (HAVAIANAS)

Love, Ana XOXO

P.S. Do not watch my weird fingers:)!!!

sreda, 07. avgust 2013

Stylish mama is back:)

Where I was all this time... I gave birth to my lovely son Aleks and I needed to adept to my new life as a mum. But mums can be also stylish... so follow me if you want to see my style and what is happening in my life:) This picts were taken 2 month after I gave birth. I am wearing a stripe dress by ASOS and my beloved MICHAEL KORS tote which I am using as a changing bag.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Love, Ana XOXO

Shoes ASOS
Dress ASOS
Sunglasses RAY BAN