torek, 19. februar 2013

Chanel Haul

This time I have decided to go pale pink and smoky. I will soon post a make up with this products:)

Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!

1. Nail polish 543 FRISSON
2. Cream eyeshadow illusion dombre 85 MIRIFIQUE
3. Lipstick rouge coco shine  68 CANDEUR

torek, 05. februar 2013

Past days were about...

I have found the best thing for taking a is smells so goood and colors you water pink:)
It is from LUSH...

 New in from H&M: a mint blouse and floral leggings...I can not wait some warmer days:)

My family came back from Shanghai, China and Phillippines and I was so happy to see them:) A lipgloss in the middle is from Shanghai, necklace from seashells  is from Phillippines and all other make up and brushes are new and you can buy it on!

This was my outfit for Saturday birthday party of Peter grandpa. A black and pink dress from TOP SHOP, FURLA clutch, ZARA booties and old pink belt...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Love, Ana!!!

petek, 01. februar 2013

Typing nails

A fun way to do  you nails a little bit different...  it is easy and fun:)
Happy Friday and Weekend everyone!!!
Love, Ana!

1. You will need: a light nail polish, 70% alcohol with a small glass, cuts from newspaper or prints, a top coat nail polish and for any mistakes a nail polish remover and some cotton sticks. 

2. Color your nails with the light nail polish and wait until they are really dry.

3. Put a finger after finger in to glass with alcohol...

4. And put on a paper cut and push it hard on a nail...wait 30 sec and then remove it...with the alcohol remove any paper that sticks on a nail...

5. Finish all nails with the top coat.

And here you are:) !!!