nedelja, 09. september 2012

DIY: Dyed jeans

If you have an old pair of jeans do not throw it away!!! Dyed it and make it special!! I have done this to one of my very old ones. Be inspired and try it!!! Have a fantastic day everyone!:)

 1. You will need:
- Varikina (dyed detergent)
- water
- plastic container
- jeans
- elastics
 1. Do a lots of knots for a wish pattern (have to be a lots of twirls:)

 2. Put in a big plastic container full with water and varikina (read the instruction on your dyed detergent for measurement )
 3. Leave long enough to see the efect

 4. Remove elastics ans wash it

 5. Wash it again in a washing machine with detergent

6. This is the final result and I hope you like it!

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