nedelja, 29. april 2012

2. day Tuscany-Certaldo

Second day of Tuscany trip we did not have a lot of luck with sun but that did not stop us to made a trip to near by town Certaldo. Town where the writer of book  Decameron -  Boccacio was born and live.
I love Italian Enoteca where you have so many wines to choose from. We are enjoying  the taste of Tuscany:)

                                                                           I was wearing:

                                                                         Scarf TAKKO
                                                                    Sport jacket SALEWA
                                                                          Jeans H&M
                                                                        Sneakers NIKE
                                                                 Bag FROM THAILAND
                                                                    Sunglasses RAY BAN

sobota, 28. april 2012

Tuscany San Gimignano

I have started my vacation around Tuscany with a Vespa. First day I, Peter and two friends were driving  to San Gimignano where we rent a beautiful dream Tuscany  house  and brought with us two our Vespas. We will stay here for one week and make many many one day trips around Tuscany. First day  -  evening we spent in San Gimignano. We have an afternoon  walk around town and an incredible dinner:)I ate so goooood icecream (pistacio, chocolate with orange)!!!And it is summer:) 33 degrees!!!

                                                                            I was wearing:

                                                       Shoes MARK AND SPENCER
                                                             Bag MICHAEL KORS
                                                                    Shorts ZARA
                                                                    Jumper H&M
                                                            Sunglasses RAY BAN
                                                         Watch MICHAEL KORS

petek, 27. april 2012

Peplum blazer

                                                                            I am wearing:

                                                                            Top ZARA
                                                         Sunglasses CHEAP MONDAY
                                                                 Watch MICHAEL KORS
                                                                          Blazer H&M
                                                                            Belt H&M
                                                                   Jeans TALLY WEIJY
                                                        Shoes DELICIOUS
                                                                             Clutch ASOS

četrtek, 26. april 2012

Playing golf

Sunny day, minus the wind...ideal for golfing:) I am just a beginner but I love the whole point in this sport. Beautiful nature, great walk, inner confidence are just few reasons why should everyone try it...till now I was against it but now I love it!!!
Do you play golf? What do you think about golf fashion? I think that golf lacks of fashion!!! I should design a whole new collection, just for woman who want to be on the grass fashionable and beautiful;) 

I was wearing:

Cardigan TAKKO
Golf glove FOOT JOY

sreda, 25. april 2012

Late night movie

Last time when I have been to a cinema was very long time ago . Finally my schedule has come down a little bid and I had time to go watch AMERICAN PIE-reunion. It was very funny . I like to laugh  1,5 hour straight. For a movie I like to dress very cozy . Of course high heel is a must have:) even for a movie!!!

                                                                       I was wearing:

                                                Shoes ANN MICHELLE
                                                                Jeans MASIMO DUTTI
                                                     Blouse EXPRESS DESIGN STUDIO
                                                                           Belt H&M
                                                                           Ring YSL
                                                                  Bag LONGCHAMPS
                                                                         Blazer H&M

Enough casual for you

I like girly, romantic,  little kitchy  style...but sometimes when i want to look like  little more busier I put on not jeans but pencil trousers and a classic make this outfit more fun I choose  some colors and gold accessorize ...and sun has finally step out of the clouds...i am so happy because I can wear sandals:)YEAH

                                                                             I am wearing:

                                                                       Shoes SINO ZERO5
                                                                          Trousers ZARA
                                                                           Belt VINTAGE
                                                 Clutch I BOUGHT IN LONDON-CAMDEN
                                          Blouse EXPRESS DESIGN STUDIO (I bought it in Miami)
                                                                              Ring YSL

ponedeljek, 23. april 2012

Neon Shoes

I bought this shoes 7 years ago in New York:) Long time ago:) But I wear them every year...
This time I have styled it with coloured jeans, a white basic top and a white tweed blazer. 
Do you have any pair of shoes that are so old but  "IN" every season:)?

Have y beautiful day, XOXO

                                                                       I am wearing:

                                                     Neon Shoes CHARLES ALBERT
                                                              Jeans STRADIVARIUS
                                                                        Belt H&M
                                                                        Top GAP
                                                                     Blazer ZARA
                                                                      Bag ORSAY
                                                          Watch MICHAEL KORS

nedelja, 22. april 2012

Pink T-shirt

                                                                            T-shirt H&M
                                                           Jeans 7 FOR ALL MANKIND
                                                              Shoes JESSICA SIMPSON
                                                                     Clutch MINICCI
                                                                  Necklace TOP SHOP

sobota, 21. april 2012

Colourful nails

                                         My top 10 spring nail colours are (from the left):

                                                              OPI Atomic orange
                                                     CAPRICE 130 Lucky in lilac
                                                             CHANEL  535 May
                                         CAPRICE 390 Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!
                                          CAPRICE 280 Londons Weather Forecast!
                                                              ARTDECO 216
                                                         ALESSANDRA 219
                                                          E.L.F. Mint Cream
                                                                E.L.F. Fushia
                                                     OPI Tickle My France-y

petek, 20. april 2012

DADA dinner night

DADA is a gastronomical installation of the moment. It is an experience  with a top “chef” in a secret place on a secret location and without the menu. It last only a few days and then  it disappear. A “Pop up” restaurant is  dedicated to everyone who love food and want to experience something special. 
I and Peter had a chance to try is very unique experience with  friendly people and A great presentation. The energy was fantastic and the atmosphere was very warm. The food  was perfect...expect the portions could be a little bigger...but the vine from Štekar was fabulous. I was wearing a messy bohemian look with a ponytail...


                                                                            I WAS WEARING:
                                                           A BLACK PLAYSUIT FROM H&M
                                                                  A NECKLACE FROM ZARA
                                                          A BRACELET VINTAGE GIVENCHY