četrtek, 31. maj 2012

Olympic games are close

 Today I visited the Olympic games site. I was amazed how much work is still needed to be done before the games start. I loved the tower - Kapoor's Orbit, a vast, snaking steel structure, will dominate the 2012 Olympic park. It is being hailed as London's answer to the Eiffel tower and is part of an ambition to make the Olympics site a permanent visitor attraction.

                                                                            I was wearing:

                                                                            Jeans H&M
                                                                             Belt H&M
                                                                      Blouse DIVIDED
                                                                          Blazer H&M
                                                         Sunglasses CHEAP MONDAY
                                                                           Shoes ZARA


 Every time I come to London I love to visit TATE -museum of modern art. The exhibition was very ineteresting and I enjoyed it very much. Here I am standing in front of the Millenium bridge and I am wearing colorful jeans with a natural color blazer. Do you love London as well?


                                                                      I was wearing:

                                                                      Jeans ASOS
                                                                      Shoes ZARA
                                                                      Blazer ZARA
                                                                       Top H&M
                                                              Sunglasses MANGO

sreda, 30. maj 2012

Anna in front St.Anna

I had such an amazing dance class yesterday but very very hard so I was so hungry after it. I went to Soho to grabed something to eat and seat down in a small park. I have to realised that I was seating in front of the st. Anna church:) -  nice coincidence!!

                                                                       I was wearing:

                                                              Jeans TALLY WEIJL
                                                            Shoes ESSPADRILESS
                                                              Sunglasses MANGO
                                                                  Top PROMOD

My favorite icecream

Do you now Pinkberry? This is the english version of it-called SNOG. The frozen yoghurt with toppings. My favorite is the classic size regular yogurt with raspberrys,strawberrys and chocolate. MMMnjam!!!My snack for every day:)

torek, 29. maj 2012

Day in a Hyde Park

     After 2 days of walking around we decided to spent whole day in a park, reading books
     and relaxing  before  I went to a first dance class. After  2 years of almost no dancing you
     can imagine how hard was is. I could not stand anymore:) but it is good feeling to do
     something for your body and soul.

                                                                        I was wearing:

                                                                         T-shirt H&M
                                                                   Shorts SELFMADE
                                                                  Sunglasses VINTAGE
                                                                         Bag ESCADA

ponedeljek, 28. maj 2012

London day 2

 The second day on a Sunday we visit one of my favorite things in London - CAMDEN TOWN. Loving the energy there, easyness and food from all around the world. Have you ever be to Camden,what do you think about it? Love or hate:)


                                                                  I was wearing:

                                             Scarf COLORS OF THE WORLD
                                                               Shorts ZARA
                                                               T-shirt H&M
                                                              Belt VINTAGE
                                                                Shoes ZARA
                                                         Sunglasses MANGO
                                                        Bag LONGCHAMPS

London day 1

Hi everyone from London:) I went on a Saturday for one week.My priority of this trip is a dance school Pineapple where me and my two girlfriends gona take classes of dance. I was in London a few times allready and everytime is different expirience. All depends from who are you with and what is the point of the visit. I love London . The first day I spent just walking around Covent garden and Soho. I was wearing an allways comfortable playsuit  with lsome flats and blazer. Do you love london as well?

I was wearing:

Playsuit H&M
Blazer ZARA
Sunglasses MANGO

četrtek, 24. maj 2012

Asymmetric shirt

When you have a very very busy day the best outfit is very relax, casual look. Classic not too much skinny jeans which I rolled up with asymmetric white blouse is the perfect combination. Just add some comfy heels, an interesting clutch and statement jewelry   and you ready for a busy day:)

I was wearing:

Jeans H&M
Blouse H&M
Sunglasses VINTAGE
Clutch H&M

Marble nails

An easy way to do a colorful marble nails. You need a room temperature water, a plastic glass, some bright nail polishes, a sellotape, an acetone, toothpicks, a scissors and some cotton buds.
1.step: Color your nails white or yellow or some light color and protect your fingers around with a sellotape.
2. Some room temperature water put in a plastic glass and then drop one drop of each color and if you want with a toothpick mix a little bit.
3. Put your finger in and with a toothpick put out polish that does not touched your nail.Do like that with all 10 fingers and then let them to dry. Peel off all sellotape and put on nail a transparent nail polish to protect the color and make nails shiny.
I hope you will have fun like me!:)

sreda, 23. maj 2012

Grey and pink

The weather is still bad and the temperature is low...my summer dresses are hanging in the closet and are so bored:) On a grey day i was wearing a grey outfit with pop of pink neon color. Stylish but very comfortable!

                                                                        I was wearing:

                                                                Necklace TOP SHOP
                                                                      Jumper K&O
                                                                     Blazer ORSAY
                                                                Jeans TALY WEJYL
                                                                   Watch CERTINA
                                                                      Clutch H&M
                                                        Shoes QUPID Noranapetke.si

torek, 22. maj 2012

Photos by Vanjo Grobljar

                                                                   I was wearing:

                                                           Shoes NORANAPETKE.SI
                                                                    Skirt VINTAGE
                                                                        Belt ASOS
                                                               Peplum blazer H&M
                                                                      Clutch ASOS
                                                      Scull Bracelets FROM FIRENZE

ponedeljek, 21. maj 2012

A walk on a beach

All day is raining...I wish to go one day back when I was at the Croatia seaside and the weather was sunny and warm. I wore a floral dress which I bought when I was in Mexico. I really have  lots of floral clothes:) But I like it!

                                                                      I was wearing:

                                                                    Shoes OYSHO
                                                                      Bag CUTE
                                                 Dress SOHO (I bought in Mexico)
                                                                Jacket TAKKO
                                                                Sunglasses D&G