sreda, 30. januar 2013

A black and white cosiness

Sometimes I just like to wear something simple:) Black and white combination with comfy and warm boots. 
Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


Shoes MOU
Trousers H&M
Sweater H&M
Hat K&O

sobota, 26. januar 2013

Natural make up

Super natural make up for everyday. Make your skin glowy, use  warm eyeshadows and highlight your perfection.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!


četrtek, 10. januar 2013



Blouse BERSHKA(new season)
Necklace vintage from my mum
Jeaans H&M
Shoes ZARA
Nail polish VERTIGO by Chanel

nedelja, 06. januar 2013

Best of 2012

The important thing is to smile, be happy and be with the people who love you!!!. I am so grateful for all the things and I hope the year 2013 will be even better...I KNOW IT WILL;)

Thank you everyone who follow and read my blog... I hope you find ideas for new style creations, thank you for all the support!!! XOXO Ana

 I have got my favorite gold flats from Marc Jacobs, I love it sooo much:)

 This foto was taken in Kranjska Gora, place where me, Peter and Lala are very often during winter time...I love it there so much!!!

Peter 1. architecture realization:)

 Skiing in Schladming:)
 My swing on our terrace where many fotos was taken:)

 My furry jacket (I have found it at last year sale in zara) which is screaming my name:)

 The beginning and finish of our important architecture project: renovating a B-house which the result you can see on our website

 My love for the icecream will stay on:)

 My favorite cross body bag from Michael Kors...

International fashion week in Ljubljana!

I started to play golf...amazing:)

 Our beach at sea side...I can not wait this summer:)

 This fotoshoot was taken by my friend Karmen  (there were many:) was my favorite...Thank you Karmen, you are the best:)!!!

 Opening a store Cute...very fun evening:)

 I went to London with my girlfriend Tina and Mateja ...amazing week...:)
 I like to take sunny photos...
 This outfit I were on a ballroom dance of my sweet #sister (Peters sister:))...Love you Pia!!!

 I am looooving prints...!!!

 And sunsets:)...


 MY favorite sunglasses which were a gift from my hubby Peter...

 The island Hvar in Croatia...beautiful summer!!! Loving this hand craft necklace that Peter bought me from one artist there...!!!
 At my parents house where we were celebrating my moms birtday:) Love you mum!!!

 After many years I went on a vacation with my lovely parents and we had an amazing time...this photo was taken in Pula, Croatia...Love you mum and dad:)

 One of my moment...:) I love to dress up:)

 I just love this outfit and my DVF pouches that are so practical...

 One of my favorite dresses...

 And many many outfit and happening that made my year of 2012...