sobota, 01. september 2012

Crystal necklace

When it comes to statement necklaces, beaded baubles are stepping out of the spotlight and making room for clear and colored crystals in lattice-like patterns and sparkling finishes. I love how you can pair this new wave of jewelry with preppy pieces and downtown-style garments alike. The subtle hint of bling instantly adds glamour to any wardrobe, whether you’re layering it onto a collared blouse or adding a feminine touch to your worn out, vintage t-shirt.
Here I wore it with 60s style dress. Do you like it? I looove this look:)

I was wearing:

Dress ZARA 
Clutch FURLA 
Shoes SMH 
Necklace ZARA(AW 2012)

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  1. wow! this necklace is goooorgeous, I swore it was 'Cartier' for a minute. Stunning! Could you check out my blog? I've been following you for a good while x