četrtek, 24. maj 2012

Marble nails

An easy way to do a colorful marble nails. You need a room temperature water, a plastic glass, some bright nail polishes, a sellotape, an acetone, toothpicks, a scissors and some cotton buds.
1.step: Color your nails white or yellow or some light color and protect your fingers around with a sellotape.
2. Some room temperature water put in a plastic glass and then drop one drop of each color and if you want with a toothpick mix a little bit.
3. Put your finger in and with a toothpick put out polish that does not touched your nail.Do like that with all 10 fingers and then let them to dry. Peel off all sellotape and put on nail a transparent nail polish to protect the color and make nails shiny.
I hope you will have fun like me!:)

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