torek, 15. maj 2012

Floral blouse

I love to wear floral clothes. They make me smile just to look  at them:) On a sunny but a little bit chilly day I think that this is a perfect outfit...jeans with interesting blouse!
Anyway I have to complain about this odd weather...2 days ago 30 degrees and now 10???
I want to wear dresses:)!!!!!!

                                                                         I was wearing:

                                                                    Shoes BHS SHOES
                                                         Jeans 7FORALLMANKIND
                                                                       Belt VINTAGE
                                                                         Blouse H&M
                                                                          Top SOHO
                                                                         Clutch H&M
                                                                            Ring YSL

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  1. wow fabulous outfit that blouse is gorgeous and you have just beautiful hair, it looks so glossy and healthy wish mine did, kisses from dublin xxx leonie