sreda, 24. oktober 2012

Weekend in Collio-Italy

 Me and Peter went to Collio for the Weekend and had a fantastic time:)

Collio lies in the very top right-hand corner of Italy, in the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, one hundred kilometers  northeast of Venice, between the Giulian Alps and the Adriatic sea. This crescent-shaped collar of land is bounded to the west and south by two rivers, the Judrio and Isonzo, and to the east by the country of Slovenia. You can imagine the cultural cross-pollination that is its heritage.

We stayed at La Subida apartments with an  amazing old interier and beautiful surroundings.  We had an amazing dinner. La Subida restaurant is very known by its quality and has a Michelin star. So as you can imagine, the food was veryyyy gooood!:) 

I was wearing:

Sweater ZARA
Jeans H&M
Sneaker COACH
Jacket TAKKO
Sunglasses RAY BAN

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