petek, 20. april 2012

DADA dinner night

DADA is a gastronomical installation of the moment. It is an experience  with a top “chef” in a secret place on a secret location and without the menu. It last only a few days and then  it disappear. A “Pop up” restaurant is  dedicated to everyone who love food and want to experience something special. 
I and Peter had a chance to try is very unique experience with  friendly people and A great presentation. The energy was fantastic and the atmosphere was very warm. The food  was perfect...expect the portions could be a little bigger...but the vine from Štekar was fabulous. I was wearing a messy bohemian look with a ponytail...


                                                                            I WAS WEARING:
                                                           A BLACK PLAYSUIT FROM H&M
                                                                  A NECKLACE FROM ZARA
                                                          A BRACELET VINTAGE GIVENCHY

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